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For Mother’s Day, a Pearl Tribute to Mom!

For Mother’s Day 2010, the Pearl of Wisdom campaign asked people to pay tribute to their mom – or any special woman in their lives – and help spread the message that cervical cancer is preventable. Thanks to the many people who shared heartfelt tributes to the special women in their lives. You can read their tributes below.

Search the Pearl Tributes using the first name and last initial of the mom who is honored or of the person who submitted the tribute. For privacy reasons, we will only show the first letter of the last name in the search results.

To Jeanne C
Thank you for always being a pillar of strength and beauty. And always teaching me to take care of myself and get cancer screening! Luv ya!
From Virginia C
To Drema V
We love you!!! -Katie & Caleb
From Katie & Caleb V
To Terri W
Thanks for raising such an amazing man, my husband. Wear this pearl and tell everyone what you know about cervical cancer
From Michelle W
To Mary Lou A
Grandma, Thanks for showing me what love is and making me feel so special. God made you my grandmother but you choose to be my mom...I love you!
From michelle w
To Betty M
Happy Mother's Day! Because you always look out for everyone else, I thought I'd help ensure you take care of your own health. And, besides, you look great in pearls! xoxo
From Tracy M
To Joyce W
My mom means the world to me, and she has always been there for me. We may fight, we may disagree, but she has and will always support me, and find ways to make my life the best it can possibly be. She's everything a mom is supposed to be.
From Bethany W
To Heidi C
We love you!!! -Katie & Caleb
From Katie & Caleb V
To Sharon S
We love you!! -Katie & Caleb
From Katie & Caleb V
To Barbara P
We love you! -Katie & Caleb
From Katie & Caleb V
To Katelyn V
Love ya.
From Caleb V